Hazardous Surf: High Surf Advisory Triggers Closures Across West Hawaiʻi Shores

Surf-Related Challenges Persist: High Surf Advisory Spurs Closures Across West Hawaiʻi Shores

The West Hawaiʻi shores, grappling with the aftermath of a High Surf Warning, received a slight reprieve as the warning was downgraded to a High Surf Advisory. However, despite this shift, closures continue to disrupt normalcy in various areas.

In South Kona, the Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park faced surf-related flooding at the Puʻuhonua and the Royal Grounds, prompting a decision to keep the park closed on Monday. The National Park Service, emphasizing a commitment to prioritizing the safety of both employees and visitors, stated that a reassessment of conditions would take place on the following morning to determine a safe reopening strategy.

The impact of high surf extends to Hawaiʻi County, where several beach closures have been implemented. Beaches at Kahaluʻu, Kohanaiki, the Wharf at Mahukona Beach Park, and Mahukona Beach Park have been temporarily closed to the public due to the surf impacts.

Statewide adherence to safety protocols is evident, with the State opting to maintain closures at prominent beaches, including Kua Bay, Mahaiʻula, and Wailea Beach Park.

According to the National Weather Service, surf heights, initially ranging from 8 to 12 feet, are expected to gradually ease today. However, a subsequent trend indicates that surf heights will increase again from tonight through Tuesday night, requiring continued vigilance.

Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park on Hawai‘i Island stands as a testament to the challenges posed by the high surf advisory, with ongoing closure measures. The flooding of Puʻuhonua and the Royal Grounds underscores the need for a meticulous assessment to ensure the safety of all stakeholders.

Keola Awong, Supervisory Park Ranger, reinforces the commitment to safety by stating, “The safety of our employees and our visitors are always our number one priority. We will reassess conditions tomorrow morning to determine when we can safely open the park.” The dedication to a cautious approach and continuous monitoring of conditions reflects the responsible management of potential risks associated with high surf advisories. As the situation evolves, authorities remain poised to provide updates and take necessary actions to safeguard the well-being of the community.