Unlock Your Wanderlust: 2024’s Travel Trends Will Blow Your Mind!

After a year filled with air traffic control chaos, industrial action, and weather-related disruptions to travel plans, the anticipation for 2024 is high. Over half of Britons are planning two or more holidays abroad in the coming year, according to Compare the Market data.

What can travelers expect in 2024? While metaverse journeys and sleep pods were on the radar last year, this year promises a mix of recurring and fresh trends. Here are the travel trends to watch in 2024:

1. Destination Dupes:

  • Travelers are set to swap familiar places for similar, lesser-known destinations to discover affordable spots without sacrificing scenic beauty.
  • Over a quarter of surveyed travelers are opting for “dupes” in 2024, according to research commissioned by Marriott Bonvoy.

2. Sleep and Repeat:

  • Sleep tourism is on the rise, with 58% of travelers escaping solely to focus on uninterrupted sleep, according to Booking.com.
  • Expect the growth of sleep concierges, technology-driven sleep enhancements, and the emergence of “sleep retreats” like the regenerative sleep experience at HOTEL de LËN in northern Italy.

3. Keeping It Cool – The Rise of “Coolcaytions”:

  • Changing weather patterns and extreme heat are influencing travel habits, leading people to seek cooler destinations.
  • More than half of travelers say climate change will impact their trip planning, and a significant percentage seeks holidays to cool down rather than endure peak-season heat.

4. Girls Going Solo:

  • Women-only travel is expanding, with a fourfold increase in operators dedicated to women-only trips.
  • Brands like Intrepid Travel and Insight Vacations are offering women-led expeditions, emphasizing self-discovery, empowerment, and connection.

5. Cruising – Home or Away?:

  • The cruise industry is divided between the growth of expedition voyages to remote destinations and the rising demand for UK coastal cruises.
  • Expedition cruises by companies like Hurtigruten Silversea and UK coastal cruises continue to attract attention, offering varied experiences for eager sailors.

6. Sporting Chance:

  • The sports calendar for 2024, including the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, Uefa Euro 2024 in Germany, and the Tour de France starting in Italy, is driving travel choices.
  • Travelers are turning sports events into “goccasions,” planning trips around major sporting occasions.

As the new year unfolds, these trends are poised to shape travel experiences, offering a diverse range of options for globetrotters in 2024. Happy travels!