7 Unprecedented Flight Diversions Amidst Storm Isha’s Fury in the UK and Ireland

Over the weekend, Storm Isha wreaked havoc across northern Europe, unleashing gusts of wind reaching up to 99mph and presenting significant challenges for airlines and airports alike. As more than 100 flights faced cancellations, pilots confronted the daunting task of orchestrating extensive diversions due to the treacherous conditions imposed by the storm.

Data provided by Flightradar24 to Skift unveils the extraordinary lengths to which several flights were redirected, leading passengers to land in countries far from their anticipated destinations. The widespread impact of Storm Isha on air travel is evident in the remarkable flight diversions that unfolded during the storm’s peak.

1. Manchester to Dublin: Diverted to Paris

Ryanair Flight FR555, which typically embarks on a routine short hop across the Irish Sea, turned into an unexpected adventure for passengers. As the Boeing 737 circled low over Dublin for 45 minutes and an attempted landing proved unsuccessful, the flight was rerouted to Beauvais Airport, located 55 miles north of Paris. This diversion not only ensured the safety of passengers but also provided an unplanned visit to the romantic City of Love.

2. Shannon to Edinburgh: Diverted to Cologne

The disrupted journey of passengers on Ryanair Flight FR3598, departing from Ireland’s West Coast to Edinburgh, unfolded as circuits over Edinburgh turned into an international detour. Forced to divert due to deteriorating weather conditions, the flight found refuge in Cologne, Germany, showcasing the challenges pilots faced in navigating through the storm.

3. Edinburgh to Bristol: Diverted to Paris

EasyJet Flight EZY319 encountered complications connecting Edinburgh and Bristol as Storm Isha forced the Airbus plane to divert internationally to Paris. Passengers reported unexpected challenges, including spending the night on the terminal floor due to unforeseen passport requirements for the international diversion.

4. Lanzarote to Dublin: Diverted to Bordeaux

Irish holidaymakers on Flight FR5911, en route from Lanzarote and heading home to Dublin, experienced an unconventional mid-flight diversion to Bordeaux, France. Instead of landing at their expected destination in Dublin, the flight rerouted to Bordeaux, presenting passengers with an unexpected twist to their travel plans.

5. London to Edinburgh: Diverted to Shannon

Flight RK9817, a U.K. domestic shuttle service from London to Edinburgh, faced an unforeseen international diversion to Shannon, Ireland. Two unsuccessful attempts to land in stormy conditions at Edinburgh Airport prompted the flight to change course, eventually landing safely in Shannon, illustrating the challenges posed by stormy weather.

6. Gran Canaria to Belfast: Diverted to Paris

Jet2.com’s Boeing 737 on Flight LS372, traveling from Gran Canaria to Belfast, found refuge in Paris as the planned landing in the Northern Irish city was aborted due to stormy weather conditions. Passengers experienced an unexpected extension to their vacation with a rerouting to the French capital.

7. Copenhagen to Dublin: Diverted to Manchester and Liverpool

Flight FR633 from Copenhagen to Dublin faced multiple diversions, first to Manchester and later to Liverpool, underscoring the complexities of navigating through Storm Isha’s impact on flight paths. Passengers aboard this flight had to endure a series of diversions, highlighting the challenges faced by both pilots and travelers during extreme weather events.

In response to the disruptions, all airlines emphasized that passenger safety is their top priority. Both Ryanair and easyJet expressed their sincere apologies, assuring passengers that collaborative efforts were made with diversion airports to ensure their comfort during these unforeseen and extreme circumstances.