SHOCKING! Unbelievable Mystery Surrounding Hotel Water Corpse – What Really Happened?

Cause of death is pending further examination.

Health department assures that hotel water is free of harmful bacteria according to tests.

Canadian university confirms woman is not enrolled in classes this year.

One guest describes the water as having a peculiar taste, stating it was “very funny, sweet, and disgusting.”

Two days after the disturbing discovery, the Los Angeles hotel water tank corpse case remains a mystery with numerous unanswered questions.

The decomposing body of Elisa Lam was found in a water tank on the roof of the Cecil Hotel, where guests used the water for various purposes for up to 19 days.

A maintenance worker, responding to water complaints, discovered the 21-year-old Canadian tourist inside one of four water cisterns on Tuesday morning, as reported by Los Angeles Police Sgt. Rudy Lopez.

The circumstances surrounding Elisa Lam’s death raise suspicion among robbery-homicide detectives, who consider it a peculiar and potentially suspicious incident.

An autopsy has been conducted, but the cause of death is deferred, awaiting further examination, says Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter, a process that may take six to eight weeks.

Toxicology reports, which may reveal any drugs in Lam’s system, will also take several weeks.

Security camera footage from the hotel shows Lam acting strangely in an elevator on the last day she was seen, adding a mysterious dimension to the case.

Lam had checked into the Cecil Hotel five days earlier on her way to Santa Cruz, California.

The delay in finding Lam is attributed to her parents reporting her missing in early February, with her last contact on January 31.

Issues with the hotel’s water supply emerged later in the month, with guests describing problems such as black water and an odd taste.

Despite the discovery of Lam’s body in the water tank, the hotel continued to accept new guests, requiring them to sign waivers releasing the hotel from liability.

The Los Angeles Public Health Department conducted tests on the water supply, allowing the hotel to stay open with the provision of bottled water and a warning against drinking tap water.

Guests were not initially informed about the body in the water supply, and the hotel management did not respond to CNN’s inquiries.

The Cecil Hotel has a notorious past, housing at least two convicted murderers, including the “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez.

Despite its dark history, the hotel markets itself as a budget-friendly option for tourists, conveniently located in downtown Los Angeles.